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I set out to write a book that would help you learn how to identify your special, eternal purpose and begin living in it with passion, productivity and even profitability. I've included stories from my own life, lessons from scripture, exercises and studies from the best personal development coaches around along with my own insights to help you accomplish what you meant to do! And be a better, more focused person than ever before. Judging by the feedback I'm getting so far, I know it's blessing people!

"Hi Mark, Just reading your book now. Late, I know but I am loving it. I'm just taking a break to agree with you. I too believe we all have a purpose and we all will make this world better. As you said, who we are and what we do are rarely the same thing. Those 9 to 5ers could be community leaders as volunteers in a soup kitchen or as a mentor to troubled teens. Each person has a gift and a purpose. Even some of the poorest people I have met have left an impact on me by their actions. I needed your message. Every word and concept was striking a nerve. It was so awesome. I love when things affect me in such a positive way so thank you!" ~LK

"Great! Great! and Great! Motivation is bubbling inside me!" ~AA

"Thank you, man. May God increase you in wisdom. In my own words, I have learned that people who live a "10" lives are purpose driven, i.e., they live for what they are born to do." ~MM

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this. I have no comments on what "doesn't work" but I can tell you it is a "feel good" kinda book! I began to read it and became engrossed by your words. The biblical references and the personal examples you used are so on-point. Towards the end of your own story, when you spoke about your thermostat being set at "just-above average" and how you realized that you were producing at the level of expection you placed on yourself, it gave me considerable pause because I've just reached that realization myself - and it is indeed an "ah ha" moment that was long over due!!" ~TD

"Bottom line, I believe this book will inspire so many people because you are speaking to us, not "at" us. Giving constructive critcisms coupled with suggestions, possibilities and most of all - hope! Many people including myself are hungry for this knowledge - I am excited for you, and I'm certainly looking forward to being able to reading more. Thank you for sharing!" ~TM

"Very good, Mark! Goes along with my philosophy. "If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you always got". If we want sometning different in life we gotta do things different. If we want a better relationship, we gotta change the "type" of person we are interested in because the past ones obviously didn't work. If we want to change our status in life maybe we need to change who we hang out with and where we hang out. GOD BLESS YOU!" ~PJ

I read a quote once that said the reason to write a book isn’t to impart knowledge, but to learn. This means, in essence, that we should, perhaps, set out to write something when we are deficient in our own understanding. That sentiment captures my approach perfectly. I certainly would not have considered myself expert enough on the topic of empowerment to write a book on it prior to launching out. But I needed a book on empowerment (along with several other topics I hope to tackle later) that would help me personally – a tough case, if I say so myself.

I wrote the book I needed to read. On a side note, I’ve found I would have to approach several things in my life this way. A lot of times, I would have to become the mentor I was seeking. I call myself the Founder and First Student of this movement.

Further, as an author, I am not ready to concede the personal empowerment market space to Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and The Secret book and DVD's. I have heard from countless people who think, as I do, that it is increasingly difficult to find good coaching that isn’t intertwined with New Age philosophies. I’ve tried to keep this book “pure” as far as the self-help shelf is concerned.

This isn’t the Bible and it’s not even a sermonic presentation so it doesn’t come close to approaching the power God’s Word can wield in our lives. However, I incorporate scripture and Biblical thought liberally throughout and without shame. I don’t stop with the Bible. Again, this isn’t a sermon. I believe “…all truth is God’s truth” as the old saying goes, and I’ve attempted to start and end all thoughts and suggestions by examining whether they “agree” with the Holy Writ.

It’s funny. One of the first editors with whom I shared my work was a Jewish woman. She told me “You know…this book is good, but it’s very Christian. You might want to consider changing that.” She shares what many of us call a Judeo-Christian heritage and wasn’t speaking from hostility. She was only pointing out how I could get a bigger market for my work if I softened or eliminated the Christian undertones. She is correct of course. I took it as a compliment.

I know you will find something in "Live BIG! Die Empty" that will help you. I pray your life is never the same after reading this just as my life has changed through the process of writing it. That was part of my goal. I wanted to change my life so thoroughly and completely and understand everything that was happening so I could offer you – every reader and audience – the same outcomes or better. I am standing in agreement with you for the absolute best for your life whoever and wherever you are!

Allow me to partner with you for real change!

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I know with this book the Lord has given me a number of keys and tools to help you be more of who you have been created to be. It's not just about having more. It's not just about being more. It's about being YOU!

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