Whatever you say about yourself, you are right!

It has been said that the only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they think. After all, everyone has the same number of hours in the day, right? All people have had the same challenges. But do we truly become what we think about? How so? If that is true, we must really do a better job of examining and managing our thoughts.

I’ve always found Numbers, Chapter 13 to be an excellent passage to read and use as a mirror regarding my own thinking. It relates the story of Moses sending spies to look at the Promised Land, its inhabitants, its fortifications and its fruit prior to Israel going into it. As you come to the end of it, you see the horrible tragedy of negative self-perception in action.

The majority of the men – the Bible says they were leaders from among the tribes – did not believe they could be successful displacing the natives and walking into what the Lord had promised them. Only two dissented. Caleb, in verse 30, spoke in terms of what they WOULD do, not just could do. The others had what teachers call “the grasshopper mentality” meaning they saw themselves as small and were convinced that others saw them as small, too.

Whatever you say about yourself, you are right!

I am not like the spies with the evil report. I am a Godly optimist. I work to believe and expect the best all the time. It’s a chore. I get down like everyone else. However, when it comes to things like destiny and promise, I endeavor to believe God. So, I take some tremendous positive lessons from this pericope. Four thoughts to be specific:

1. God will often show you more for your future well before you possess your future. Just like Moses sending spies out into the Promised Land to get a report, I believe you have seen a glimpse or been told of great things ahead for yourself. Sometimes they come in the form of dreams…or prophecies. However they come, they can be quite stirring to the point where you can almost see yourself there.

2. The future that God has for you is going to be abundant. The future that God has for you isn’t one of lack or struggle. He wants good for you and your family. He isn’t going to plan danger and harm for His children. He is a good Father. Jesus discussed this often. God doesn’t “have it in” for you. He is working to set up circumstances to bless you.

3. The future that God has for you is going to be intimidating. No one said it’s going to be easy. You will have opponents if you’re attempting anything big, anything grand, anything worthwhile. In business, they say profit invites competitors. It is the same concept. If it’s good, other people will either want it or not want you to have it. It may not be fair, but it is life.

4. You are able to take possession of the future God has for you! You can do it. The reason you can do it is because your future is promised to you and God isn’t going to send you into the battles alone. Just like with Israel, there may be several battles but you will win them all as you keep God first and move in obedience. You can do it!

At the end of the day, it’s like the old Gospel song. Whose report will you believe? I choose to believe for the best. It’s hard. Very hard. Sometimes you will have to have faith through the tears. Still, have faith! What you think and say about yourself and your situation matter for everything! Before you can move into your next season of life, you must convince yourself that your end is going to be better than your present. You have to know that God is with you and has not abandoned you. You have to know there will be profit in all the hard work you put in.

Allow me to partner with you for real change!

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