Overcoming Depression and Isolation

Holiday celebrations, and preparations are coming right up. This might be a tough year for many of us. Hopefully this will help someone.

Coming out of a major heartbreak, I met with a counselor who helped me see the signs of Depression in my life at that time. I thought I was strong and could "power through" all of my problems. I didn't do very well with that method. If you're dealing with depression and stagnation, my advice is as follows:

(1) Pray. I believe God is there for you. He was for me. Sometimes you won't even have the words to pray. Ask someone with some spiritual maturity to pray for you and then with you.

(2) Find a good counselor - I am not a counselor...just sharing some of what I learned. Get some help. Deborah Giles is great. Thaddeus Eastland is superb. You can reach them at They can help you make decisions regarding methods, approaches, therapies and medications - if needed.

(3) Take at least one decisive action towards changing the thing that you feel is out of your control - it's not. I am told that the onset of depression often comes from staying too long in a state of cognitive dissonance - failing to act in accordance with your own values for a prolonged period of time. Do something. It will help. Sitting there feeling like you are stuck won't help at all.

(4) Change the voices speaking to you by finding some positive, hopeful and encouraging influences. There's nothing wrong with seeking encouragement until you're able to stand on your own again. It might be pride that keeps you isolated. You might have to cancel some influences.

(5) Change what you say to YOURSELF. Declare your desires out loud. You have to change your confession because your voice means more to you than any other. Simply saying "It's going to get better soon." is much more powerful than repeating to yourself only the worst possible outcomes.

(6) Pray.

If certain statistics can be believed, 20% of all people are dealing with either depression or an undiagnosed mental disturbance every single day.

I believe that one of the enemy's main weapons is isolation followed closely by giving you the impression that you're the only one struggling with the issue. We all suffer and everything we go through is common to all people.

(Forgive me for mashing two scriptures together - I try to be conversational instead of preachy sometimes.)

In any regard, you're not alone. Let's destroy that lie right now.

~~ OK. Preachy-time.

A lot of the problems in our society come from people who are hurting and either don't know it or won't acknowledge it. We hurt other people and destroy ourselves while trying to find ways to dull our pain using our numbing agents of choice.

I DO NOT believe this is the plan of God.

If we would just talk to someone who is spiritually mature and trustworthy and have them pray with us we would experience some healing. If we read James 5 in proper context, it teaches that there is healing in confession to one another coupled with prayer.

My encouragement to all of us is to talk to someone honestly about our feelings and challenges...then pray. That's a good start.


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