Introducing! (Finally!)

You all have been GREAT over the years! You've not only followed my blog and commented passionately, but you've helped me grow as a blogger, teacher and man.  THANK YOU!

Without too much buildup I want to invite you to join me on my new and (being) improved platform at!

In all candor, it's a work in progress, but an important work for me.  I wanted to be more intentional about developing myself as a brand.  I'd been reluctant for years and intentionally had kept my own name off of things I did.  Crazy.  I know.

In any regard, I will be building everything over there going forward, so join me.  Some cool stuff is coming around the bend!  Kind of random, but if you want to know some not quite professional tidbits about me, here are a few.  Maybe we've got more common ground than you think?

God bless!

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