3 Ways You Can Be a Real-life Superhero!

(By the way, those are real people pictured above.)

Need a movie to watch that's a little different? Check out "SUPERHEROES" and tell me it doesn't change your perspective on some things...a lot of things. This docu-movie tells the stories of the growing Real-Life Superhero Movement and its "heroes" who are fighting crime, patrolling neighborhoods and dark city streets and generally doing good in cities all over the country. Chances are you have a few in your city, too. You might even be one.

(More on that in a minute.)

When the movie first starts, these people come across as half-crazy idiots. I'm not gonna lie. Who puts on a costume (some of them call their outfits uniforms because they are there to serve) and walks around looking for trouble-makers? Who trains in martial arts and makes their own utility belts? Who paints a Corvette into a Super-mobile? Insanity.

But is it? After a while, you see these are people who've made a simple decision that a lot of us have yet to make. They will not let the world around them go to hell in a hand basket and do nothing about it! They will not remain silent. They will make a change...even if small. The world will know they were here. What if people knew something good was going to happen every time they saw your car coming?


(Some of them are still crazy, I think.)

So...I'm watching these men and women leave home every day to walk the streets looking for wrongs to right and it strikes me: what in the hell am I doing to make a difference? A REAL difference? I'm looking at this guy who calls himself "Zetaman" along with his wife and another named "Master Legend" and realize that (while they're wearing bright tights and armor) they are sponsoring food drives, bandaging injured homeless people and pulling drunk drivers off of the road. Meanwhile, I may have been watching the lastest episode of Breaking Bad. Maybe I'm the crazy one? This guy pictured below, Mr. Xtreme, helped catch a rapist who is now serving 34 years in prison.

Anyway. I'm determined to no longer watch and SMH at people who are in financial despair, lonely, purposeless and ignorant of how to do better. I've set my heart and mind on becoming a real-life superhero. For real. Call me LiveBig Man or something! I'll work on the name. I promise. In the mean time, I'm starting on the most important part of the process. DOING SOMETHING!! Superheroes are allowed to change their names and their uniforms anyway. Batman's done it several times.

Want to join my League of Justice? Here are three ways you, too, can be a superhero:

1. Care. We have to start caring again. Our hearts can't be cold when we see hungry and hurting people. We have to care. I'm guilty of having a heart of stone at times. I've cared, but cared more about my own vision more. Now I see that my mission is to use my vision to make a difference on this side of life that will ripple throughout eternity. That's real impact.

2. Do something...anything! The Bible often records that Jesus was filled with compassion. Compassion isn't just feeling badly. Compassion has a couple of important elements when we examine the word more closely. First, it means we feel another person's suffering almost as if it is our own. Second, it means we act out of this feeling to alleviate the pain. Feeling pity isn't compassion. Very few people, if any, need your pity. People need your compassion.

3. Start today. Decide where you're going to make an impact and get started. You can do something today. You can sow a seed into someone's life. You can pray for someone. You can visit a friend from whom you've not heard in a long time. He or she might be longing for someone to reach out to them. Volunteer at the local school to read to some children. There is something you can do to be a hero is someone's life today wherever you are.

Remember this: the world needs you. Injustice must not stand. You and I can do great works through Christ. We are not in the battle alone as Believers. Let's be about His business. Need some inspiration. Watch the movie and then tell me what you CAN'T do. The Dark Guardian (pictured above) needs your help!

What would your superhero name be?


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