Is Dating REALLY a Waste of Time?

I referenced this concept before in my previous blog that went over like a lead balloon.

My goal with this blog is simple today - I DON'T WANT YOU TO MAKE IT ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER...ooops...Redbox NIGHT!!!   I WANT YOU TO GO SOMEWHERE, WITH SOMEBODY, SOME TIME.  PLEASE!!!???

You will not shrivel up and die if you walk inside a Chili's with a member of the opposite sex.

You have not forfeited your kingdom inheritance if you go to coffee with somebody.

There is no commandment that says "Thou shalt not hit the comedy club sometime."

Most important, every interaction with a man (or woman) doesn't have to be a wrestling match to make it to the altar or DIE!

Let's stop being so afraid of messing up that we do nothing with nobody at no time.

"He was a waste of my time!"  He was a waste of your time, huh?  Well, maybe you were a waste of his money?  I hate, hate, hate hearing this.  I believe everybody is getting SOMETHING out of every relationship they maintain.

There are lessons in every relationship and VALUE to be gained. Also, unless you are being held captive, relationships are CONSENSUAL. That's means you are both getting some value out of it...even if it's just not having to go to the church picnic alone AGAIN.  Maybe you're getting the satisfaction of believing someone cares about you?  Maybe you're getting low-cost meals and movies?  Maybe you're just happy to been seen with SOMEBODY at the family reunion?  Either way, you got something if you were hanging around!  

Me personally? I see value and growth opportunities in every relationship. And, yes, there is often a TREMENDOUS value in having simple companionship. For example, even if you and "dude" aren't going all the way to the altar doesn't mean you can't have a good friendship, relationship and fun times...what if you use it as a time to learn about yourself, about men (or women if you're a man) and about what to look for in a partner in the future? 


I also assume you're not complicating things with sex. My working assumption is that you're going to see Planet of the Apes and then hitting the Waffle House and going home!  Right?  It doesn't have to get overly dramatic....and it usually doesn't so long as clothes stay on.

We cool? Some of you are still going to be concerned about feeling like you're wasting your time.  That's why I created this program!

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