Entrepreneurial Advice from the Front Lines!

Here are some of the great tips shared by my friends last week!  I posted this graphic (I'm so sophisticated that I wrote these on a whiteboard!) and asked my Facebook friends for feedback.  Here's what they had to say:

"Listen to your gut. Listen to people who are successful at what they do and what you do. Don't give people more credit then what they are really worth. Listen, listen, listen...evaluate. Follow your gut."  ~LaShonda Anderson

"To much to share here. Short version:

  1. Know your purpose. Know what drives you, fuels you. Unless you do that FIRST and then connect that to why you want to be in business, you will never have the energy and passion you need to build a world class business. 
  2. Become a student of business. Study successful business models. Study BUSINESS. There's an 80% failure rate in the first 5 years of business and of the 20% that survive, 80% fail in the next 5. That's 96% over 10 years. Know WHY they fail. 
  3. Learn how to build a system that produces consistent results. Learn how to replicate it (make it teachable to others) so that you can create a business rather than an over glorified job. I could go on and on. :-)" ~Joe Orsak

"Be BOLD." ~Doc Compton

"Network network network. And don't be afraid of telling people what you do. Remember. Timid salesman have skinny kids, and we're all salesman.  Oh...... We're all a tad crazy too." ~Coy Christoffel

"My advice is this, focus on what you want to do. I wanted to start a business writing resumes so I did. I wanted a website and focused on learning how to build one. While it was important information, it didn't benefit me, it fustrated me. For the time and effort I should have just hired someone to do it for me. I lost the focus of what I was trying to do while saving a few dollars. Keep your sight on your vision and pay someone to help with the rest." ~Jessica Anderson

  1. GO FLAT OUT. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal and bring your dream to life.
  2. SUPPORT YOUR IDEA. Invest your time, money, thought, and energy into it. If you don't, don't expect anyone else to.
  3. KNOW WHAT YOU DO BEST. And do the HELL out of it!
  4. GO FOR BROKE. Put your ass on the line. If you truly believe in your idea, it's worth risking everything you currently have.
  5. SETBACKS ARE INEVITABLE. Don't let them get you down. Find things to keep yourself inspired. Remember, every failed attempt is another step forward.
  6. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE. Look down the road, not just to next payday, or even next year. A wise, wealthy man once said, "I refuse to buy a Cadillac until I can write a check for it. If I have to wait a little while, that's okay; they'll still be making them then." That Escalade can wait. If you "make it" before you've made it, you'll end up a frustrated failure.
  7. ELIMINATE DEBT, SAVE, & INVEST. You can not build wealth and pay on debts at the same time. It is mathmatically impossible. Create a tactical plan to eliminate all debt, including the house. The word "Mortgage" means "death grip." Don't save for EMERGENCIES, save for OPPORTUNITIES. Invest prudently in financial vehicles that will cause your money to replicate itself in your sleep. And remember, if it's on your ASS, it's not as ASSET.
  8. MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK. Don't wait on handouts or "Right place, right time" thinking. Get out there and make it happen. Take it by force.
  9. BE IN LOVE WITH YOUR IDEA. You'll be spending a lot of time with it, make sure you love what you're doing. Just making money gets boring after a while; do what your LOVE, and money will chase you down and tackle you to the ground every chance it gets. ~Michael Neal

"Surrounding yourself with like minded people is key, and I think may be the most important thing. While growing up I never thought about being a entrepreneur, but when I graduated from college I began to meet entrpreneurs every where I went just in my daily activities. After getting to know some of them, my mindset began to change and I began to develop a entreprenerial mind and spirit. And basically the rest is history. So it all started with spending time with other enterpreneurs.

I also think READING is a important part of being a entrepreneur as well. Read books about your industry and also books by other successful entrepreneurs because even though they may be in a different industry, you can apply some of the same principles to whatever your industry may be." ~Roscoe Douglas II 

To your success!

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