3 Things He's Looking for from Her

Once a man is attracted to you, I believe he begins to filter every conversation, observation and interaction with you through three key questions:

  1. Does she NEED me? 
  2. Can I make her happy? 
  3. Could I trust her with EVERYTHING I am? 

Some say men don't commit these days but that's obviously not true. Men and women still get married.  Good men and women get married. Some marry and some don't and I believe I've figured out how you can discern which way a person is headed.  You can even look in the mirror and see where you are in these.

The crux of the matter is good men marry good women - women who make them feel needed (respected and appreciated), whom they feel that they can make happy (she expresses gratitude often and enthusiastically) and whom he feels he can trust (able to be naked and not ashamed).

I'm being repetitive with this post.  Everyone has needs.  That's natural.  Having needs isn't being needy.

I've met many women who give off each of these positive vibes individually and some who give off all three.  I've met women who give off none of these vibes.  Instead, some women communicate to the world things such as "I don't need anyone", "I will never be satisfied" and "I can't be trusted."   For example, it has been said that a man will not stay with a woman whom he can't make happy.  It seems to apply even if they're already married.

Like I've said before, that's why I created this program!  It is alright to need.  It is alright to trust.  You control your own happiness.

A question for the reader... WHAT IS SHE LOOKING FOR FROM HIM?

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