Feel+Felt+Found (How to Get People to Hear What You're Saying)

Do you feel like you struggle to be heard when you most need to be?  Here's a simple way to offer advice that people NEED and have them actually LISTEN to you. You've heard it said that people don't care what you know until they know that you care. That's true! Now, here's the way to show them that you care quickly and in in a few short statements:

FEEL - "I understand what you're feeling." - Use this statement (or one like it) to make it clear that you are listening and relating to what is on their heart and mind.  This is to people that you aren't being condescending.

FELT - "I have felt the same way." - Show them that you've been there before...either in the same situation or in a similar one.  Now they feel like you can relate to them.  Don't lie.  Just be transparent and authentic.

FOUND - "Here's what I've found..." - Detail what you learned and how you rose out of that place in life. These become the action items you want them to take.

Don't quote these directly! That said, if you use this pattern, people will receive what they need to hear from you much better. They will feel that you care...and then care about what you know!  Once you're done sharing, honor their ability to process your words and leave them alone.  Watch if Feel + Felt + Found doesn't make you a better communicator!

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To your success!

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