Why do I keep telling people to "Live Big. Die Empty"?

Who is Mark Anthony McCray and why do I keep telling people about "Live Big. Die Empty" all the time?

I am a regular guy with a lot of passion born from pain and promise. Some would consider me to have been a successful person, but I always knew that there was much more inside me than my outside world reflected. I never compared myself to others, but to the man that I knew I could be…that I was SUPPOSED to be. I got tired of not being that person who God created me to be. Sick and tired. Crying tears tired. I know a number of you have been there, too.

In my life I have launched several businesses, worked in full-time ministry, participated in a number of charitable and volunteer activities, served on advisory boards and political committees and more. I’ve never been one to slide through life hiding in a corner. That’s just not me. But I knew I wasn’t “successful” in the way I knew I wanted to be. Not only was I not enjoying life and getting the most out of it, but I certainly wasn’t living abundantly. Jesus said that He came that we would have life more abundantly. I wasn’t experiencing that kind of life and obviously didn’t have a clue as to how to get it.

I started seeking God for answers on this topic:
How can a person be truly successful?
What is success?
How can I live a big life instead of the small life in which I felt stuck?
How can I bring to pass all the visions and dreams that I felt like the Lord had trapped in my heart?
How can I live big and die empty?
I've got some of the answers now. I've been laboring on this book and the resources that will come along with it. It will bless you. Stay tuned. Even better, you can support me with a Pre-Order. Write for more information and stay connected to my Twitter account.

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Mark Anthony McCray is the Founder of "Live Big, Die Empty" a movement designed to help people live life more abundantly and walk in the purposes for which they were created. Write or call 832-566-2001 for more information and follow Mark on Twitter at and


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