Would you pay $9.99 an hour to get more clear about your life's purpose?

I have a question for you: How much would you pay me to work for you or teach you?

Seriously. If you could hire me to teach you, coach you and train you - how much would you be willing to pay for it? Would changing the direction of your life for the better be worth $39.95 a month?

If you could learn new exercises, techniques and strategies for planning your life, building a business, increasing your income and understanding your purpose, would it be worth the price of a meal?

FIRST, some feedback from one of my protégés

"Thank you for your help! Thanks for calling me this morning. Talking with you was a great help. I think it is worth mentioning again that you have been an inspiration to me over the years. Also, I have accomplished quite a bit based on the knowledge I gleamed from you over the years that I have known you.

Now, I feel I am at a place where I need I am no longer able to maximize my potential and need to surround myself with people who are accomplishing great things and who have the capacity and desire to accomplish great things. At this point in my life, I am ready to expand my vision and expand my tents and I need the counsel of others to accomplish all that God has in me to do."

Here's another one...

"Some good words for a good man...From the get go Mark became a very inspirational figure for me. Not only did he motivate me to work harder for my goals, but he helped me get one step closer to them. When I needed help and guidance he has been there for me. I know that I can count on him for help, great advice, leadership, or even just an ear. :-) Thanks again!"

The stories continue. I have given a number of people a couple of tips that transformed their lives, but then realized that it would be much better if I put together Mastermind-Accountability-Power Groups to help even more people. I now have so many projects that I'm usually not available to be hired to teach, coach and mentor people one-on-one.


Very rarely, I create a small "Inner Circle" or high-end coaching program, and these normally range from a few hundred to a few thousand per year in tuition (and again, this is for GROUP training and coaching).

And honestly, because I've invested the last several years of my life creating the VERY BEST training programs for all key areas of success with life, business and money - it's actually BETTER to go through one of my highly-organized training programs with a group to benefit from everyone's feedback.

Right now, I'm opening up a new group for a purpose, money, wealth and business training program that I'm going to be teaching over 60 days.

Included in this package of training are some of my very best online business and life-mapping education programs.

I just did a little bit of quick math and realized that when you register for this program, you're paying about $9.99 an hour for the incredible training you're getting.

Under ten bucks an hour.

And I (and will be able to) PREPARE for each of the segments that I facilitate in this training - so it's very conscious, very focused and very effective.

Now, the reality is that I've probably invested at least a thousand hours reading, attending live seminars, learning from mentors, coaching others, testing and implementing the techniques you're going to learn in this program to succeed in life and business...

So it's more like hiring me for pennies an hour to do the research, then asking me to summarize it all for you in easy-to-understand and easy-to-use formats - so you can succeed faster than I did (which many people who have used my trainings have done).

As you can see, I'm trying to give you another perspective on how to think about this important investment in your education and your future success. If you don't educate yourself about life, business, money and wealth, I can guarantee you success won't happen by happenstance.

This program is only open for registration for a few days. I really want you to see the incredible value that you're going to get when you participate in these trainings with me - so
I'm offering a no-commitment guarantee.

You cancel the program at any time if you don't like it, all you have to do is send me an email and let me know that you gave it a shot, but it's just not right for you.

The only thing you've got to lose is your fear, uncertainty and weakness about life, business and money...

Email me today! I hope to see you in the program!

Mark Anthony

P.S. Think about what I said about the $9.99 an hour. This is a real opportunity for you to get trained by me for a bargain.

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