"The 15-Minute Rule"

There's a very simple way to make progress when you're feeling like you have too much to do. It's called "The 15-Minute Rule" and it's simply this: ANYONE can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!

So, now, instead of feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of the project in front of you, just your mind that you will spend 15 solid minutes on it no matter what.

The magic of this approach is three-fold:

1. You'll feel better about yourself for making progress and this will fuel more good feelings because you'll know you're getting closer to your larger goal. (You've written your goals out right? If probably need to attend my "Live BIG. Die Empty" Purpose & Empowerment Workshop on April 30!)

2. You will usually become so energized that you'll go far beyond 15 minutes. This is a great thing.

If you choose not to work beyond 15 minutes, no worries! You've moved your vision forward in some important ways. Do you see now that 15 focused minutes can change your life?

What are some of your personal productivity tips?


Well, 15 minutes is a good start, but that's a little short for me. The only way that I will feel like I have truly accomplished something is if I send at least an hour on it. Of course I may not do this everyday, but I'll have it scheduled for every other day or once a week. Being consistent is the key to getting things done.

I really liked this post as you can tell. Keep
'em coming, cuz.

Thanks, Susie. The reason for 15 minutes (most people will press on further!) is because a lot of people feel overwhelmed with the size of a major task. Know what I mean? If you break it down and don't worry about needing to spend hours on it, you can handle it.

Of course, you are more of a seasoned writer than most people. You can probably sit and focus for hours!

Absolutely true..... Thanks for reminding.. very simple rule..

I like the concept - if you can just get yourself focused for those 15 minutes in all likelihood you will press on until the task is done - thanks for the post

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