10 Ultimate No B.S. #MonsterTips to Help You Sell More and Earn More Money NOW!

Wow! What can I say???

I'm starting to get some feedback from my first readers and I'm so excited I couldn't help but share! Not to be too commercial about it, but you can order your copy today by clicking here: If you're reading this on my blog, just click the button to the right -->

"I really enjoyed reading your information. I have to admit that I am one of those people who NEVER want to be in sales. After reading this, I realize that I am in sales, regardless. Commencing shortly, I will be embarking on a new adventure that will need to be sold. I am actually thankful to have read this information right at this time. It gave me some really useful tips for sure. I like your style of writing....very personal, not too technical and easy to follow. Great sports analogies too. I love football!!! I also like how you add the "God" (spiritual) advice. This could be not a great thing for some readers but I appreciate it. I like the flow, the information is good and the style is GREAT!!!! Always a pleasure to read your work, sir." ~L.K.

Here's a little more!

"Mark, you have such a good book here! I was ready to not "need" this subject much, but I ate up every word. Wish I could say just the right thing for your blog about Monster, I sure want to read every other thing you ever wrote.

Dont just say "so-and-so says Mark is a HECK of a good writer" (but say that too). I mean you are a damn good writer. There were times I had pea-green flashes of jealousy. The value of the BOOK, the uniquely valuable info, is much greater than your turn of phrase.

You have really thought deeply about this and about application of it to every human venture (besides monasticism, I think): you have my unreserved admiration.

Good opportunities (questions posed with space to write) to promptly write our answers, to:
- personalize the information so we dont gain simply more generalized theoretical knowledge,
- create valuable notes to keep,
- prove to ourselves the information we just read,
- and begin right away to make a change, and think differently.

I sincerely hope, and I urge you not to rewrite any of the content or language. I know it could be less colorful, and some writers will think it should be. But that would ruin it. As it is, this subject is better served by the personal feel, as if a REALLY competent and experienced friend is speaking to us very, very frankly. So useful this way, it succeeds in "getting through" -- on what many would consider an arcane subject.

Meanwhile, the language is polished and erudite, without being stuffy. Clear thinking and clear description says more about YOU than your subject, it validates your "found knowledge".

Love this, so glad I got to read it."
~ P.A.

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Awesome! I'll check your book out Mark. Selling more helps everyone enjoy a better life, the buyers and the sellers.

Thank you for the comment, Loui! I really hope to hear from you after you've read it, too! Okay?

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