Mark's Review of an Awesome Book: "A Misrepresentation of Myself" by Mary E. Gilder

"This isn't exactly for boy scouts. I just want you to know ahead of time, okay?"

That's what Mary told me before my book had even arrived in the mail. What a way to preface the book she had just written and wanted me to review. She was right. It wasn't for a boy scout, but it was real. Very real.

Writing a book is very hard work. I should know. Writing a good book? The author should be congratulated. Today, therefore, I'm throwing praises at Mary E. Gilder, my friend and excellent writer. Her novel, A Misrepresentation of Myself, is definitely one you should check out.

In fact, why not support her buy purchasing one now? Here's the link: A Misrepresentation of Myself on

I met MarShana Gilder at the Starbucks I frequented in Pearland. She did two things every time I visited for my cup of liquid energy: made me laugh and told me about how her mom is a great writer. This went on for a while, to my embarrassment, until I finally picked up the phone and spoke to Mary myself. I shouldn't have waited so long to meet such a dynamic, intelligent and vibrant woman. Her energy came through the phone.

I shouldn't have waited so long to read her book either. She asked me to give my thoughts not too long after we met. I had started and stopped and started and stopped. She had written a novel, after all, and how was a novel going to make my life better? Self-centered Mark often puts off things such as "supporting other people" and other such touchy-feelies in life. Nevertheless, I've discovered that not reading the book was my loss, too.

Mary's done an excellent job of crafting a story about people very much like those whom I've passed every day, but have the inner-workings of their minds nor the pains in their hearts. It's hard to review literature without giving too much away. Therefore, I'll just say this: her characters are dealing with real life in real ways. They're probably a lot like you or someone you know. Life is full of pain. If you can find someone with whom to share some of it along with some laughs, hold on.

I liked it. I think you'll like it, too. The people at Redbook like what they've learned of Mary. I was so proud to see her share a part of her own life story in the magazine recently! (I'm just throwing this in because I can!) Mary E. Gilder is representing herself nicely.

The novel can be ordered or purchased from all book stores and if readers desire a signed copy, they can forward a check or money order to: Mary E. Gilder P.O. Box 1555. Newark, Ca 94560.


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