Get Your Hopes (and Your Goals) Up!

Get your hopes and goals up! Generally-speaking, you're going to get just about what you expect so why not expect more?

My own experience is in line with this.  In so many areas of my life, I've accomplished my goals. What I realized, however, is that I've still been sighting my sights too low. So I sat down yesterday for a redo. I recast my goals. You should do the same!  I'm going to celebrate my victories and press higher.  I'm not going to look back and regret anything.  ONLY FORWARD!  ONLY FORWARD!  In Christ, my past has zero to do with where I'm going now.  The past is no precedent for your future either.  ANYTHING is possible for you.  As I always say, you can get anywhere in the world you want to be from right where you are now.

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