Pass the soap.

Sitting here reflecting on what kinds of behaviors I need to leave behind as the pages on the calendar turn and (for me) changing my language is probably #1.  I really need to wash my mouth out with soap.  Specifically, NO COMPLAINING!!!  NO DADGUM COMPLAINING.

We've become a complaining, bitching, griping society afraid to compliment and praise people.  It's so funny and sad to me at the same time.  But all I can really do is make sure I'm different.  I have to talk in ways that minister grace to those who hear my words.  I have to make sure I speak life into my own world and those around me.

If I can do that, I think that would be a great place to start.  What if everyone who encountered you knew they would come away encouraged, edified and comforted?  Wouldn't that be awesome?

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