6 Things to Do When You're Scared to Death

Have you every felt terrified about your life, your job, your future?  Come on.  Be honest.  I have.  I'll be honest.  I feel like I've had a long relationship with fear and worry.  I know what terror feels like.  It's a step beyond anxiety and two steps beyond just worrying.  Terror freezes you in your tracks.

The good news is I have finally divorced terror.  Of course, it keeps trying to come around, but we're not in a relationship anymore.  Fear doesn't live with me any longer.  Terror is a horrible thing and, as an entrepreneur/ministry worker/father/single parent you are going to deal with it from time to time until you learn how to press through it.  Here are some ways that I've learned how to keep going.

1.  Remember that YOU are a lion.  You have been given the gift to be bold as a lion.  The Word of God reminds Believers that your standing in God gives you permission to stand and not retreat.  What enemy should make you turn back? Nothing! Timidity is not your birthright so don't claim it.

2.  Change the story you tell yourself.  Pick a power statement that you can rehearse to yourself again and again.  You have got to stop reading the bad news to yourself about yourself.  You are NOT helping anything.  You're only dragging yourself down further.  Remind yourself  "I can do this."  "I can make it through this."  "This is not the final page in my story."  "I will win in the end."

3.  Do not allow yourself to be broken.  The Bible tells you over and over not to be dismayed.  To be dismayed means to be cast down, broken or shattered.  Discouragement happens.  That is a natural part of life.  Don't let your troubles break you.  Your enemy wants you broken.  Your enemy wants you to stay down.  He knows you'll win in the end if only you don't quit.

4.  Command yourself to be grateful and not worry.  Literally sit down and count your blessings.  Make a list.  Are you listening to me?  I'm saying actually take out a sheet of paper and remind yourself of all the great things in your life that you know you didn't and don't deserve.  If you are honest, you will admit there are many of them.  Being grateful is a great way to rid yourself of worries.

5.  Brainstorm solutions.  I learned this from Brian Tracy.  Sit down and think of twenty actions you can take right now to change your situation.  The first five will be easy.  The second five might take you a minute.  Then the work really begins.  Press through until you have at least twenty options in front of you on a sheet of paper.

6.  Take an action.  If you're really going to be bold, take several.  Go through the list you just made and find something you can do right now.  It doesn't matter if it's large or small.  What truly matters is that you make a decision and act on it.  Your intention is to start a virtuous cycle.

I hope you can use one or two of these to help you in your walk.  Stop allowing fear to paralyze and depress you.  You will find out (as I did) that every worry is valuable energy wasted.  I want to see you grab hold of God's best for your life.  I'm in the battle with you.  Let's win this thing!

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Now, tell me something... how have YOU learned to press through fear?

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