Next time you pick up an apple...

Still not convinced of the power of sowing and reaping? Let’s look at the shocking math of sowing and reaping in the world of the common apple. I want to prove to you that even if your seed doesn’t become a lot, it will almost always be a lot more than what you have in your hand. After all, what seed doesn’t hold within itself vast multiples?

Consider a typical apple. A normal apple will have ten seeds (some varieties have as many as twenty):

One apple = ten seeds
Ten seeds = ten trees
One mature tree = up to 300 apples per season
Ten mature trees = 3000 apples per season
3000 apples per season can yield 30,000 new apple seeds
30,000 apple seeds can yield 9,000,000 apples in a single season.

An apple tree begins to bear fruit in 6 to 8 years, and is capable of producing fruit for as long as 100 years. 100 years! Americans eat on average about 60 apples per person per year. This means within your lifetime, a single apple you can hold in your hand has the possibility of becoming food for 150,000 people each and every year.

It is the same way with every other seed we plant: health, relationships, money, children, business, ministry, emotional wellness. Once we plant our seed, we start in motion one of God’s foundational principles of nature…one He himself has promised to never change as long as there is an Earth.

Every seed is a multiple. Where are you sowing today?


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