Still A Dreamer...

Here's a strange and weird story to tell. It's personal and gory. But I feel like if people can post their illicit photos and weekend adventures, I can share this. I believe the Lord sometimes encourages me and gives me direction through dreams and I had such a dream last night:

In the dream, I had to cross a two fields and over an hurdle to reach my prize. There were several other people making the same trip. The first field was littered with dead birds all around, underfoot. Carcasses all around. I don't think I had killed them. It looked like most had been trampled by others or run into obstacles while trying to fly. Still they were there on the ground. Dead. Several people wouldn't cross the field. The stench was too strong for them. Or either it was that you had to listen to the crunch of broken bones under your feet as you walked? Many couldn't take it.

I did. I stomached what I had to deal with. I crossed that field.

Then we came to a tall chain-link fence with an oak tree on the other side... in the way that trees and fences can begin to grow together after so many years. It was a tall fence, but not monstrous. I had to work hard to get over it and knew I'd more than likely have to jump down quite a distance on the other side. It was a nasty fence. Covered in bird poop. Mangled links. The kind that can cut and scar you if you make a wrong move. It was distasteful. It was dangerous.

I climbed it. Some people were amazed. Some people were disgusted. Some climbed over and some didn't choose to. I climbed and then I jumped to the other side.

Finally, as I hit the ground I realized there was one more hindrance facing me. The limbs of the tree were so old and so low to the ground that I could not walk past the tree. I had to get down on my belly and I had to crawl. Squirrels tried to bite at my face as I slithered along the ground. I had to inhale so much dirt and feces that it felt like I might as well be eating it. Not my best moment at all.

But I crawled. I did it. I made it.

Many didn't complete the journey. I didn't have to do anything supernatural. I just had to stomach it and keep going. I had to press beyond the carcasses of past failures - both mine and others. I had to work hard to climb and overcome that obstacle. It was tall and difficult, but not impossible. Not impossible. It only took hard work. Finally, I had to humble myself and get low... very low...and grimy.

The good news is I made it. I needed to do some things for my family and for my destiny and I made it happen. What a great feeling to know that you'll do whatever you have to do to accomplish your goals! I'm encouraged as I begin a new day! I'm excited to move forward and deal with the things I have to deal with no matter how dirty or distasteful. I know my resolve will be tested, but I will pass the test.

You will pass your test, too! This is how life is.  You press forward with all your strength and until you get "there" you don't stop!  Be encouraged!

To your success!

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