Prepare For What You've Prayed For!

"Be Prepared." That's the Boy Scout motto. It's also my word for today.

I have shared with you, my friends, a few times before that I believe the Lord shares things with me in dreams regarding direction for my life, encouragements and (sometimes) warnings.  This happens a few times a month for me, typically, and I post them here when I feel the unction that someone else could benefit.  Today is another of those days...

The word of the day is "Prepare" for some of you.

In my dream, I was attending a large convention as one of the featured speakers.  Large gathering.  Convention center.  There appeared to be something in the range of 5000 people attending.  I didn't have a problem with the material or size of the crowd.  But I wasn't ready.

As I waited in the private lounge wherein I was supposed to be getting dressed, I realized I didn't even have my suit with me.  It was in the car.  I had only brought my shoes inside in my travel bag.  As the presenter before me hit the place in his speech where I knew there were only fifteen minutes left before I was to go on, I found myself running around frantically.  I was not going to be ready on time.  I was going to be late.  There was no way to be ready on time by this point.  None!

I was going to be late.  I was going to make a bad impression on the crowd and organizers as they would have to tap dance around for a few minutes while I got dressed.  Late!  Ouch!  Future opportunities missed!

Oh well.

Here's the thing.  The Lord is telling me to prepare for what I've been praying for.  For some of you, you're in the same place.  I KNEW it was almost time for me to come forward.  I was in the right place for it.  But I had not prepared.  What a shame!  What a tragedy!  How terrible to know your day is coming, have a chance to be ready to take full advantage of it and STILL not be ready!!

That's the word for today: Your prayers are about to be answered so prepare for what you prayed for.  Don't allow God's blessings to catch you off guard.  He's heard your request and doors are about to open.  Be ready to walk through them!

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Great post! I know exactly what you mean. It's amazing how God loves us so that He does all He can to help us get ready for what He has in store for us. I've been learning more about my dreams over the last two years. I mostly have one of two (or sometimes a combination of both) where God wants to take me and warnings of things I need to do or not do in order to get there. Thanks for sharing!

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