Fast Food Free?

I just started this event if anyone wants to join me and share tips and testimonies! Health gurus welcomed! JOIN MY FACEBOOK EVENT AND SHARE YOUR TIPS!

Here's my motivation.  I was sitting with a consulting prospect the other day and got an unexpected tidbit of advice. Heavily-accented English and blunt the way only older men are blunt when they speak.  As we talk, he leans into me and says "You see that park over there? I walk every morning.  You should try it." while somewhat glancing at my little-bit-of-a-belly.  There's not much worse than a prospect calling you fat.  Mind you.  I am NOT FAT by American standards, but people from other countries tend to look at us like we're pigs.  And, I'll grant him this.  He looked great for a man who's probably closer to seventy than to fifty.

I work out quite a bit.  A few times a week anyway.  I could look really good and also have my blood pressure and other metrics in line if my diet was better.  You can never out work a bad diet.

I think cutting foods that I get at drive-thrus out will by itself be a huge improvement!

As I always say: "You can't Live BIG or Die Empty from a sick bed!"  Join us!!  What are your tips for eating better?

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