Music That Resonates with My Soul

This is a little different blog from me.  Let's see how it goes.  Simply put, these are songs of which I never get tired. Each has a special place in my soul. I imagine they always will.  I wanted to share them because they all have something in common... they are impossible to duplicate... timeless... specially unique.  They aren't all "spiritual" so to speak, but they inspire me to be my unique best, as well.  Here they are.  If you're going to judge me, go ahead and start a line!

Dream on by Aerosmith
"Dream until your dream comes true."  Enough said.  Even better that it's said at a pitch high enough to break glass.  I've seen people try and fail to copy this.  I'm sad for them.

Hurt by Johnny Cash
The Man in Black's autobiography in a single song.  You can feel his regrets and joys in everything he wrote.  Johnny Cash always wrote his life in his songs.  He was brave like that.  We should all be so courageous. 

Redemption Song by Bob Marley
Perhaps the most beautiful and thoughtful song I can think of.  Only surpassed by Lauryn Hill's version.  Transcendent.  Bob Marley's voice is another that can't be mimicked. Not well, anyway.  I love him for it.

Fight the Power by Public Enemy
I will never get tired of Public Enemy and will like this song until I'm dead and gone.  Chuck D's language the epitome of rappers making social commentary: "Rapping in anger" as he calls it.

Glory to Glory to Glory by Fred Hammond
Fred Hammond is one the few Christian artists who seems to be ministering and leading sincere worship towards God instead of just entertaining an audience.  I respect that.

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Club
This is the most romantic song ever in my mind. It hits every note... lyrics, music, meaning, purpose, partnership in love, exotic locale.  Everything.  I want to live this song.

Children's Story by Slick Rick
The next time you catch me at karaoke night, I will be performing this song.  Book it! One of the few I can recite line-for-line from beginning to end and never miss a line or vocal inflection. I'll let you know when I'm going to the club.

Jack & Diane by John Cougar (Mellencamp?)
This little ditty right here.  It is a true classic.  It will not get old.  It will not fade.  This is American rock.  You know it, too.  You could sing it with me.  Just put a little gravel in your voice.

Again, I know this is a little different way of expressing myself.  What are some songs that truly resonate with you?  Share them below!

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