7 Ways to Make Social Media Work Harder for You

Kind of jumping straight to the point here... I want to share a few tips and tricks with you that are easy to use but also easy to forget to use.  Check these out!

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1. Increase your "Likes" on your page!  You can email all of your non-Facebook contacts and invite them to "Like" your Facebook fan or business page! Here's how:

  • Click on "Build Audience" to the upper right once you are on your business page. 
  • You will see a menu of options. Click on "Invite E-mail Contacts" 
  • You will see options to contact your Yahoo!, Comcast, AOL and other address books there. Click on one (Yahoo!, for example) and follow the instructions to import your contacts.
  • You can also contact up to 5000 people from your Outlook Address Book if you choose "Other Tools" and upload your Outlook address book. LinkedIn is one of your options, as well!  You will have to "Export" your contacts from those sources first, but it's not too hard.  Good luck!
This should help your social media marketing be more successful if you can reconnect with people who you've known and done business with outside of Facebook! It is said that every like is worth money, so there may be money you're leaving behind right now.

2.  Get a better name!  Use this link to shorten your web domains on Facebook: It makes you much easier to find and gives you a sharper online image.

3. Upgrade your graphics!  Do you see most of the graphics on my blog? They cost my $5 each through and were all done in 2-3 days. I'm happy to have upgraded my visual presentations! Now I'll get someone who knows Wordpress to work on the entire blog. But that's for another day! If you want to go a level higher, I recommend  I've used them a few times with great results!

4. Harvest your content!  Did you know you can download a copy of everything you've ever posted on Facebook? I just did and I have a file of all my Status Updates, etc since 2008! This is a great thing because I am going to be able to go back and capture some of the best stuff for use in my blogs and other writings!

5.  Measure your influence!  I might be the last person to have discovered this, but if you add Klout for Google Chrome to your browser (assuming you use Chrome, as I do) it shows you everyone's Klout score as you Tweet. Your's too! They say "What gets measured gets done" and this is a simple way to measure your impact.

6.  Join a community!  FINALLY....Join my Expert Excellence Facebook Page!  If you are a writer, speaker, coach, trainer, author or ANYTHING that fits into the "Expert" market space, you need to be a part of this group! Nothing against motivational quotes and scriptures, but that's not what this group is for. This group is all about "shop talk" and exchanging tips, resources, etc. that will HELP YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESS.

Please recommend it to someone else for whom you think it will be a great resource! Also read down the page a little...there is some great content and advice on the page and more is coming! The philosophy of the page is simple...if you know where the water is, point it out to other thirsty folks!!!

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