"I'm not saying it's right... but I understand!"

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rock.

I will admit right off that I had to Wikipedia you a while back because I couldn't believe your real last name was really "Rock" because it is awesomeness!  You're a funny guy. No question.  If I am honest, I appreciate hearing your stories of how hard you had to work to develop yourself, your worldview and your career maybe more than I appreciate your comedy.  Yes, it looks easy from the outside.  But I understand that comedy is a craft and among the most difficult to master and building a mega-career out of it is an amazing feat.  You've done exceptionally well.

I appreciate THIS INTERVIEW you did with Marc Maron a while back because it encouraged me to keep pressing through hardship and doubt.  Thank you for your transparency.  You don't know how many people are impacted by your words.

Again, all the best!


Mark Anthony

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