Why is dating so hard?

Well. This is a trick question. For me, it really isn't. However, I know a lot of people (men and women) who say they NEVER date. This is completely beyond me. Women are saying (claiming?) they aren't asked out and men are saying (claiming?) they are not asking. I really don't get it. This is a mystery to me.

A friend of mine, Betty-Anne Marie White of Woman, Reveal Yourself, offered some thoughts as to why is so... Here are her thoughts regarding mature adults (over 29) and why they are reluctant to date:

  1. The hormones are not trumping their fear or logic any more. Thus they are more reserved. 
  2. The herd has been thinned, and what is left is a bit concerning.
  3. We are more set in our routines. We are more steady in our jobs, sit on the same side of church year after year, never mind visiting another church's events, simply put, we are not meeting new people. 
  4. We have been hurt and we are seriously gun shy. 
  5. Social Norms are blurred even in the church, so the question of "How do we proceed?" stalls most of us from engaging.  
Those are her Top 5.  (I happen to think #4 is the leading reason that I see out there.  I'm not saying it's without cause.  )Let me ask a question.  Are you dating?  Why?  Why not?  If you say it's a waste of time, I would disagree, but I'm open to learning new perspectives.  Most important...


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