Systems = Success!

What is the one thing that takes you from making money to getting rich? Systems. The more you can automate and duplicate what you do without having to inject YOU into creating the finished product, the more money you're going to make.  Working with systems vs working without them is like the difference between apples and oranges - totally different deal.

Don't let the thought of creating systems intimidate you, however.  It can be done in any business and at any time.  What's the easiest way to create a system? Begin documenting everything you do - no matter how menial it may seem to you - because that's the first step to being able to replace your own labor with labor that costs a lot less than your time costs.  How do you search for new leads?  What's the first thing you do when the phone rings? What do you say?  What material do you send prospects?  How do you solicit referrals?

Write down your process.  Put it in a binder and BOOM!  You've got a system in place.  Now do it again... and again... and again... and you're on the way to owning a business instead of owning a job.  Congrats!

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