Dissatisfied? Good!

Why do you need a coach? Why do you need to change your environment? Here's a reason: You need to be around people whose dreams for you are bigger than your dreams are for yourself. One thing a coach does is increase your dissatisfaction with status quo. And that is the only proven impetus to change - dissatisfaction.

If you aren't dissatisfied (weight, sexual fulfillment, wealth and relationships are the main concerns for most people), you will not change or it won't be a lasting change. Being around people who increase your dissatisfaction is important. If everyone in your world is only always telling you that everything is okay and you're okay, that's a problem. Those people are called Enablers. And the only thing Enablers are good for is increasing mediocrity in your life.

You don't have to get rid of every Enabler to succeed. (You might be married to them!) but you do need to add some Encouragers. In fact, beware of counselors who only tell you to get rid of people. Isolation has never solved any problem. On the other hand, Encouragers increase your motivation by instilling in your hope for a better future. Get some of those folks if you don't have them. And get them quick!

I thank God for every moment of discomfort because each one inspired me to move and He directed my path to some place greater. Instead of being uncomfortable and upset about it, look for what the moment is meant to teach you. Yes, sometimes, you are meant to sit still and other times you're meant to move but NO TIMES are you supposed to complain. Either get happy where you are or get moving to somewhere else!

Wise counselors help you figure out which it is time to do.

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