Can a Life Coach Double Your Income?

A good friend of mine, Betty-Anne Marie White, tagged me in/on/with (?) this article on my Facebook page. Deborah Gaines says hiring a coach doubled her income and I believe her.  I believe her because it was having a coach that totally changed my life in the early part of my career.  I give tons and tons of credit to a man named Duncan Butler who taught me more than I ever thought I'd know about business and entrepreneurship.

Duncan taught me something that I know I'll never forget: All of the most successful people (in every field) have coaches.  In fact, most hyper-successful people have more than one coach.  Think about someone like Tiger Woods.  He has a swing coach, someone to help him with his short game, someone to help him with health and fitness and probably someone to help him with his overall competitive mentality.  

All the most successful people have coaches.  I don't think you can find an exception to this rule - they just might not admit it because they want you to think they've stood alone the whole way.  Bull spit!  Don't believe that self-made garbage.  Anyone who does anything great, gets help.  I know I have.  You should get help, too.  Reaching beyond yourself for insight, tools, resources and even encouragement could be the best thing you ever do.

At least think about it.  If you've got an area in which you know you need to grow, get a coach.  Where do you need help?  Post your comments below!

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