Talk So He'll Hear You

My friend, Belinda Oliver, said "Sis, men communicate differently than we do. Do you know how to effectively communicate with that man? Can he be comfortable in YOUR presence? Can he TRUST you or do you have an AGENDA?" and it got me to thinking.

I had written "8 Keys to Talking to Men" before but felt like I could write a quick update.  Some women still feel like they aren't being heard.  I came bearing gifts... of wisdom.  Here are some quick ways to talk so your guy will hear you... really quick:

Step 1: Get to the point QUICK AND FIRST! Fill in the details after you made your point. If he doesn't know where the talk is going, he will zone out.

Step 2: Don't think everything has to be covered at one time. It doesn't. Give it to him in little chunks.

Step 3: Don't store it all up and explode on him! He won't even remember what he "did" a month ago.

Step 4: If you want him to talk, listen. Allow some silence and he will fill it. If you never stop talking, he will never start.

Does this help?  Try these out and let me know how they work for you!  I want you to be heard.  Really.

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