From Idea to Ignition: How to (Finally) Get Your Business off the Ground!

If you missed From Idea to Ignition, you missed a treat! Here's what one attendee said...

"I must say, if you have ever thought of starting your own business and are looking for very engaging, convenient, detailed information on how to do so from an Entrepreneur who is RELATABLE and've got to join this. Mark Anthony McCray gave an amazing presentation and admittedly, this is maybe the first time I have felt compelled to repeat a webinar. I was blown away by the organization, professionalism and I'm serious... I had some real epiphanies about my biz." - N. Wade

"Thank you for the seminar. It was rich with information. It was advanced! I know the business owners loved it!! Glad there was a replay and items to download. I am going to listen to it again. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!!" - A. Brundidge do you know a good business idea when you see it? It's really all about studying the business model. Most successful businesses have more in common than they have different and knowing the commonalities can save you a lot of headaches and make you a lot of money. Therefore, whether it's waste disposal or concrete mixing or baking, focus on building your business based on a proven model - it's structure - and you'll increase your chances of success.

A business model is the way that costs and potential revenues interact. Put another way, a model is the structure that a particular business will use to get raw materials, add value, and sell the finished product to the market. Therefore, there are three main components to a business model:

(1) The markets and customers
(2) The services and products to be offered
(3) The distribution method

Does a market exist? After all, you will need customers, right? For example, let’s say that you are the world’s foremost expert on asbestos. Asbestos is your life and you think about it all the time. Then, let’s say that you have developed a way to sell asbestos products via the Internet and have representatives local to the customer deliver them. Do you think that you will have an adequate market to allow you to reach your business revenue goals? Probably not. Asbestos sales aren’t exactly peaking right now.

I acknowledge that the example sounds silly. However, I can assure you that many people commit similar errors everyday. You must be fairly certain through observation or study that a market exists for your product. Furthermore, the market must be large enough to maintain your business. Finally, people should find it easy to understand the benefit that they receive from buying your service. People spend money to solve their problems. Are there a lot of people with the problem that you want to solve? Are they willing to pay you what you are asking to do so?

This workshop is for you if:

You want a simple approach to business planning...
You want a simple approach to developing your launch budget...
You want to understand the twelve winning qualities of a successful launch...

I'm always candid, always helpful and always focused on teaching YOU instead of selling stuff. Join me by getting your copy today here!  This is a $297 value that I'm offering for a crazy low price of $97for a limited time because I want this to be the year you take control of your future and GET YOUR BUSINESS OFF THE GROUND!

Here's what I've included for you:

  • The One Page Business Planning Guide (PDF)
  • Business Start-up Expenses Form (PDF)
  • Interview with Mark Anthony McCray on The 10 Commandments of Marketing (MP3)
  • Business Start-up Expense Analysis (Excel Worksheet)
  • From Idea to Ignition Live Webinar (Video File)
  • From Idea to Ignition Live Webinar (Audio-only File MP3)
  • From Idea to Ignition Presentation File (PDF)
  • Bonus: A Business Development System That Will Not Fail (PDF)
  • Bonus: Financial Worksheets for Business Plans (Excel Worksheet)
  • Bonus: 9 Devastating Financing Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them (PDF)
  • Bonus/Complimentary Copy: The Sales Monster: 10 Ultimate No B.S. MonsterTips to Help You Sell More and Earn More Money Now (PDF)

You get the idea. I shared with you lots of information to help you answer the questions...

1 - How to quickly and easily draft a business plan?
2 - How to position and market your business?
3 - What are the fundamental elements of a winning business model?
4 - How do you build your budget?

Get your copy today here for a ridiculous low price of $97 for a short time only!  I can't keep this information priced so low.  You won't be able to find this kind of training anywhere else... video and audio, templates, sales and business development guides.  I'm giving you what you've been looking for and more!

This is stuff you can't afford to miss.

To your prosperity!

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