How to Prosper (The Short Version)

I don't get credit for this wisdom. I am but a vessel.  The great John Cruise gets credit for sharing this with me as what he learned from his best mentor and coach.  Thank you, Mr. Cruise.  

First, a definition: Prosperity is "the condition of being successful or thrivingaccording to Miriam-Webster.  Focus on that last word "thriving."  It isn't just about money.  You can be rich and not prosperous though I'd venture to say it's very difficult to feel prosperous if your financial circumstances aren't at least improving.

Second, regarding prosperity: Wanting to prosper isn't evil or unbiblical.  In fact, true prosperity is a great thing for a Believer to aspire.  I'm not a prosperity teacher by any means, but I don't believe one should expect only a life of adversity either.  Adversity comes to all our lives, but victories should not be absent.

In any regard, I want you to do well and increase.  If you want that for yourself, keep reading.  Here are the four keys to prosperity as shared with me:

Profit: Measure every action and thought according to whether it produces a profit.

Protection: Protect what you've earned or there was no point in earning it.

Pride: Take a measure of pride in everything to which you put your hand.

Pleasure: Play last.  Play once you've taken care of profit, protection and pride.

The problem with most people is they pursue these in the opposite direction and, therefore, out of order.  They prioritize pleasure over profit or even pride.  They make pleasure a priority for their money, time and energy leaving not much left to make their lives more profitable.  Profit first.  Not only, but first.  This becomes a life worth living.

To your prosperity!  Want more lessons?  Check this out!

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