3 Ways Cosmopolitan Magazine Is Creating Divorce.

Maybe I'm being a hater.  I'm sure I am.  But I was send an article the other week called "What Makes Men Fall in Love" and was asked my thoughts on it.  I guess I'm predictable and people know my triggers because the first thing I did was an image search on "Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers" and this is what I got back. 

Am I that old and out of touch?  I am shocked at how often "sex" is the highlight of the issue considering their target market - mostly young, single women in their late teens and early twenties.  That's the first way Cosmo is ruining marriage: It's got people thinking good sex = healthy relationship.  Ummm...

But the second way Cosmo is ruining relationships and creating (future) divorces is by teaching gamesmanship as a part of the dating process.  They say to pick fights as a way to show him you're not a pushover.  Well, I'm not so sure about that.  I think two people in relationship will have enough organic disagreements over time and you don't need to manufacture any.   Don't pick fights to show you're strong.  Just express your own opinions.  You'll get enough disagreements in time. I'm sure of it!  They also say you should blow him off from time to time.  Since when has ignoring someone been a sign that you care?  Go ahead and try that if you want to!

Finally, here's the deal.  You can't make someone fall in love with you.  Love is a choice.  It's a decision to commit to you.  The bottom line is a man (just like a woman) wants to be in a relationship with a person of character.  Develop character from the inside.  If you need help, grab a Bible.  Go to the Proverbs.  You'll get all the advice you need right there.

Here's where I will give this article credit.  I think they are right about most of the male triggers to attachment.  I just don't think you have to try a pull a guy's strings to get him there.  You do that and eventually people figure you out and resent you for it.

Then you're looking for the article about what to do when he leaves you.

Your thoughts?

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