The 7 Functions of a Coach

I wrote yesterday on how getting a coach can improve your life and even double your income.  This article is more about clarifying what a good coach does and doesn't do.  Here are some thoughts:

  1. Impart skills and knowledge 
  2. Impart confidence and understanding in the use of those skills 
  3. Motivate people so as to bring out the best in them - usually encouraging them beyond what they thought they were capable of doing
  4. Model the importance of learning the basics of a skill 
  5. Point the protege to other appropriate resources and links them with other professionals. 
  6. Observe the protege in action 
  7. Evaluate the protege's experience and gives feedback towards further development.

Remember, if someone is challenged to deal with past issues and hurts, they probably need a counselor instead of a coach.  Part of being a successful coach is being a person of integrity and directing people to where they can get help and being honest about when that person isn't you.

To your success!

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