Admit it. You still believe in fairy tales.

Do you know why fairy tales are called fairy tales?  They are called fairy tales because they almost all involve fairies (duh!) or some other kind of magical being.  In each one of them, this magical creature sees the woeful plight of the hero or heroine and swoops in to wave a wand, cast a spell or brew a potion that saves the day.  In a flash of light, all is well and everyone lives happily ever after.

Most people live like they have a fairy god mother hovering over them waiting to grant their heart's deepest desire with three wishes - especially when it comes to dating and marriage.  I'm making up a new term right here, right now. From here forward I'm calling most modern Christian dating the "Someday My Prince Will Come" Method of dating. It's the "I will sit here in my tower and wait until something happens" kind of attitude.  It doesn't work that way in the real world.  The Lord has set up a system that relies upon sowing and reaping.  It applies to everything.

The vast majority of women who confide in me that they're tired of being single also admit that they never go out on dates (even when asked), never approach or accept approaches from men and rarely go anywhere except work and church.  A friend posted on my Facebook page, "I have been to many women and singles retreats and the topic of staying pure aka saving sex for marriage and waiting is always talked about and encouraged. However, the discussion of dating has not been discussed or encouraged. That's why I believe most women are stuck at home, work and church because they are waiting for their future husband to sweep them off their feet."

I agree with her. One comment I hear often is "A man will have to go through God to get to me." and it drives me CRAZY!!! How exactly is a man supposed to do that? Do you give him a basic theology quiz when he asks you out? Do you pray a couple of days before responding to his asking you to meet him for coffee? It makes no sense to me! He didn't ask you to marry him. He asked you to go to TGI Fridays! 

Overall, I am at an age now where a lot of my female friends thought "Someday my prince will come" while many others took chances to get to know people. Now the ones who put off so many opportunities are regretting it. Some admit. Some don't admit. But most acknowledge that there's a good reason those stories of magical rescue are called fairy tales. It's because they happen about as often as you've seen a fairy... which is to say probably never.

Disney has screwed you up.  They make good movies, but Disney is not a great relationship counselor.

Go out on a doggone date!

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