How Romance Is Killing Marriage

I came across an interesting article talking about how romantic comedies are hurting relationships and I thought "WOW! Somebody gets it!" Somebody gets it!  Romance isn't portrayed the way it was in the old days where you saw someone meet...

...stay involved in one another's lives over a span of time...

...marry and begin building a family...

Nowadays, what we call romance is more fixated on the "comedy" of two people simply trying to now have sex for an hour or two...

...and we call the end result (once they do it and decide they don't mind continuing to hang out together) love.  Sweet love.  We never see them put in the work of building a life together.  They never talk about vision.  They never talk about hopes and dreams.  They screw or try to avoid screwing, drink and go through a series of hilarious miscommunications.  Once they get beyond the snafu, the movie ends.

Then too many of us feel like life should be like a Matthew McConaughey movie.  I'd like mine to be more like Jimmy Stewart for sure.  Building something together is real romance!

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