Stop Wishing and Start Sowing!

I was sitting there the other night looking at my ever more impressive biceps and I thought "Hmmmm.... I wonder what would happen if I started sowing as much effort into other areas of my life?"

True story.

Clearly, focusing on getting in shape is a good thing and I'm enjoying the three pounds I've lost in the past month.  However, I have a lot of other areas that need attention, as well, and I realized I'd been doing more wishing for the future I want than sowing towards the future I want.

How much am I sowing into building the business I want?  Or have I fallen into a pattern of every day looking like the previous day?

How much am I sowing into developing a more intimate relationship with God?  Do I pray or think about praying?  Do I read the Word or think about reading the Word?

What am I doing to nurture better relationships with my children?  I say I want to marry again, but do I date to meet people?  Do I sow into other people?

As long as the Earth remains, the law of sowing and reaping is in effect.  I gotta remember to make it work for me.  You have to remember to make it work for you, too!  Then you can get arms like mine!

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I had the same epiphany...mine was to start focusing more on working out and sowing the time necessary to make the changes I wanted to see in my body.
Thanks for sharing!

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