10 Ultimate No B.S. #MonsterTips to Help You Sell More and Earn More Money NOW!

Here's a video I've put together called "The Pain Funnel" and it's just one of the lessons I offer to help you separate the Pretenders from the Prospects in your business. I've found that professionals don't burn out from hard work - they burn out from unfruitful work and there is a big, big difference! Understanding "The Pain Funnel" will help you make all of your work more fruitful! I've worked as an entrepreneur for years and done every type of deal and I've closed tens of millions of dollars of transactions.

I've packaged several other tips into an and eBook that I'm making available to you. This offer is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars in commissions you'll earn. There's no doubt in my mind!  None! I've packaged some bonus material with it to help you with your mindset, your understanding of entrepreneurship and financing, your motivation and more.  Lots of stuff for the business owner, manager, entrepreneur and leader - really this is for everybody who needs to get sharper and produce more revenue in their chosen field.

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EVERY role you operate in is a sales job. You might as well get used to it.

People tell me all the time they’re working in various field because they HATE selling. Or, when looking for new jobs, they avoid the entire section of the listings under “Sales” and keep looking. I’ve been a business owner for years and was a hiring manager before that. When I ask the interviewee for their questions of me, what do you think comes to the top of the list after “how much does the position pay?” The very next question is usually some variation of “I don’t have to do any selling, do I?”

Every job, every role, every function requires dealing with people. Everything is sales. Even if you’re a teacher, you have to sell the school district on hiring you or you’ll remain unemployed. If you run a non-profit, you have to sell people on donating to your cause. Again, to my teachers, excellence in your job involves selling young people on why they need to do their best with the selected material. If you’re a minister, you have to sell people on Christ or to your point of view. Even if they buy your point of view, you still need to sell them on the idea of supporting you financially. Everything is sales.

Get used to it so you can begin to excel in it.

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Good Video Mark,

I can understand the Pain Funnel and will apply it to the people that I deal with in my Real Estate Business as well as other areas of my life. Good information and I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

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