Listen Your Way to Greater Success!

It is said that you can learn enough to equal a college degree if you listen to just a couple hours a day of instructional and inspirational audio programs. You can learn a language in your car or pick up a new skill while talking a walk. Depending on your job, you can even listen to audio programs while you work. I like to do all of those!

Here are some free downloads for you. Just click the link to listen or download to listen later. Everything is in the easy MP3 format. I have listened to each of these regularly to help keep my mind healthy and focused on my vision and goals. Let me know what you think!

"Prayer, Praise and Persistence" by Tope Koleoso

This is a great sermon that reminds you of the power of prayer and helps lead you into the right attitudes and understandings regarding prayer. I am firm believer that we must begin to seek God's face and tap into His power more than ever in these days. Pastor Koleoso, or Tope, as members of his fellowship call him, is an invaluable resource to the Body of Christ.

Download Here: LINK

"No Dream is Too Big" by Vic Johnson

I can't say enough about Vic Johnson and his diligent work to help people get focused and stay motivated towards their goals. Every few weeks, I pull this program back up to remind myself to keep pressing. Hopefully, it can be a great resource to you, as well.

Download Here: LINK

"As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen

Allen's most famous book, As a Man Thinketh, was published in 1902. It is now considered a classic self-help book. Its underlying premise is that noble thoughts make a noble person, while lowly thoughts make a miserable person. Of course, he's not the originator of this viewpoint. Solomon gets credit for that!

Download Here: LINK

"How to Live Debt-Free" by John Cummuta

Listen to sound advice to crash proof your life and protect your family from losing your income or future savings. This proven step-by-step financial plan is what you need to rid yourself of debt and enjoy more wealth.

Download Here: LINK

"How to Become the Leader in Your Field" by Earl Nightingale

Spend just 1 hour a day doing this and you'll catapult yourself to the top of your career. And after one year, you'll have nearly a seven-week advantage on all of your colleagues — enough to completely revolutionize your life.

Download Here: LINK

"How to Earn Thousands Brokering Hard Money Loans" by Mark Anthony McCray

The last is a very specialized program for people who work in the real estate profession. If you don't work in real estate, it won't be worth a lot to you. If you work in real estate and want to understand how the big money deals are closed, you need it!

Download Here: LINK

I hope you enjoy! Send me your thoughts! What else would you like to hear?? Please share this with someone you know who may be looking for a little bit of encouragement this day...and please, please, please remember to join my "Live BIG! Die Empty." Facebook page. I want to stay connected with you!


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