Live Blogging from the Financial Empowerment Workshop

What an interesting group! The organizers, Althea Morris and Debra Bann, have done a stupendous job putting this event together. I am one of five speakers and I will be sharing in a few minutes....I am talking about "7 Steps to Financial Turn-around" and so I will blog again later to wrap up my thoughts for the day. speech went great! John Cruise is talking now!  He is talking about no longer making plans off the top of your head.  Also talking about the value of carrying cash on your person at all times.

...John Whaley did a great job talking about how to raise Investors through social media for your business.  Everybody here is named John except me!

This event is going great. No happy talk. Truth! Lots of good information being shared today. I was able to help some people today I am sure!

Debra Bann is coming next. She is talking about social media. Rod Gist will be the last speaker of the night. I'm sure I'll get a chance to share more of their information later. Debra shared so much information I'll have to download her presentation.

Here's some of the initial feedback:

"Spent the afternoon at the Financial Empowerment Seminar! Great wisdom went forth in that place! I was challenged by Mark Anthony McCray and several other excellent and eloquent speakers who shared their hearts and wisdom! GREAT job Mark!"

I could not get to sleep last night I was so excited about the information shared at the conference. FABULOUS EVENT! EXCELLENT INFORMATION! AMAZING PEOPLE! I thank all of you for reaching out and sharing your wealth of knowledge with the community. Already telling folks to get ready for the next one! I can't wait!

"I have had the distinct pleasure of being a guest in one of Mark's public speaking events. His passion for educating persons not only can be felt in his delivery but his topics are very relevant and easy to understand. Mark's life principles compel you to make monumental changes in your everyday actions that will ultimately lead you to "Live Big & Die Empty!""

"If you have an event planned now or in the future, you will want to schedule Mark as one of your featured speakers. Just this past Saturday he spoke at my event and rocked the house with 7 key steps for a "Financial Plan for Americans".

"That was a life changing event for me. I can't believe I learned so much for so little in such a short time! I will never look at finances the same again. You and the other speakers taught me that in order to be gain wealth, I must understand it & to understand it I must educate myself by reading & learning from others who have amassed wealth. You can't transcend lack by listening to people who are living in lack! Good word today Mark! Thank you so much for inviting me. I can't wait until the next one & I will bring an army with me! Everyone needs to hear this word!" 

Also, I can't wait until we do this again! This information has to get out! I'm sure I'll be doing something for Live BIG! Die Empty. too!