Blogging Live from the Texas Social Media Expo

...I am here at the Texas Social Media Expo about to speak on using social media to establish your personal brand. As a Certified Facebook Addict, the organizer thought I would be a good person to bring in for a panel. He's right!

The speaker before me, John Phillippe (I wonder if he's any relation to Ryan?), is discussing some basics that everyone should cover before diving in. Here are some key points from Z Salvo:

1. Post something somewhere everyday.
2. Decide what pain you are solving for people.
3. Decide why people want to connect with you.
4. Capture the name of everyone who visits you whenever you can.
5. Make it easy for people to do business with you.

Good reminders and he did a great, great job! I would write more but I'm focused on what I need to communicate. He brought me up and helped me shoot some video, so that knocked out some of the nerves!  I will be talking from my "10 Be's of Social Media" blog post.  Should be fun. I need more speaking engagements.