Pray for me. No, really. Pray for me!!

Do you ever have those days or weeks where you feel stressed out of your mind?! There has been so much coming at me this week (in a good way) and that's where I am a little bit. I'm blogging this right now as a way to stop and force myself to breathe, de-stress and meditate on God's promises over my life? Too religious for some people, I'm sure.

Still...the reality is I have those times just like everyone else. Maybe more than some. Therefore, I am going to do four things before I get back to work:

1. Take several deep, very deep breaths.
2. Force myself to smile.
3. Remind myself of all the promises the Lord has made me regarding my future.
4. Take a step in that direction.

I posted on my Facebook page and I've blogged about it before how sometimes the challenges that we have in front of us look not only challenging, but overwhelming! "How can I do THAT!? I don't even know where to start!" I'm going to do the only thing any of us can do in those moments: breathe, smile, trust God and move forward.

I've already prayed asking the Lord for wisdom, guidance and favor. As a Believer, I have to trust that God hears and answers my prayers...that they aren't just exercises in speaking words into the air. Therefore, the only thing left is to add the only two ingredients I can inject into the equation: faith and action.

I hope you're doing the same!


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