The Worthlessness of Feeling Worthless

Anybody else ever feel worthless? I'm not talking about being unworthy before God. To be worthless, is quite different. While being unworthy is about our merits, being worthless is about our value. I'm talking about how horribly stagnating feeling worthless (of little or of no value) is as a man or a woman. When someone feels worthless, they feel as if they are insignificant and have nothing valuable to offer the world.

Am I the only one who has ever felt that way? Just me?

That's okay. I'll testify on my own.

First, let's be clear about something.  Nobody can make you feel worthless.  No matter what is said or done to you, only you own that power. Quite honestly, if you think people can make you feel worthless, you're being a victim - and victims never win.

Feeling worthless had been a struggle area of mine for a long time. No one's fault but mine. Sure.  People had words to say intended to tear me down, but I didn't become torn down until I took those words and made them my own.  I allowed feelings of guilt to strip me of my self-worth.  I felt like I "deserved" everything bad that came my way.  (Which is ironic because I hate the word "deserve" normally.  As it turns out, I only hated it when it came to discussing good things.)

What I found is that feeling worthless is a waste of time.  Until you allow yourself to know you're truly worthy, you will reject every blessing that comes. It won't even matter if that blessing literally begs to be a part of your life.  That's what I was doing.  I was rejecting blessings of all kinds... business, ministry, financial, relational.  Whatever.  If it was good, I was rejecting it.  In my mind, I wasn't good enough for it.  That's the enemy's work.  He might not be able to stop the blessings from coming, but he can influence you to reject the gift.  Get me?  I had to learn to start speaking blessings over my life and making positive proclamations about my person and purpose.  Had to.  No choice except to learn how to believe good things about myself or stay in a hole emotionally.

Full confession is that this is still something I battle about every other day or three.  What I've learned to do is use positive affirmations more aggressively and even sing praise and worship songs in the morning.  When that isn't working, I am fortunate to have friends, family and loved ones who'll remind me that I'm talking myself down (again) and they will help me snap out of it.

This is a longer blog than I normally post.  I hope someone is hearing me and makes a commitment to themselves to start speaking God language.  Life and not death.  I even open to having you remind me if you catch me in error.  This is about life so you've got to get it right! I've got to get it right - and I will.  Believe that!  You will get it right, too! I believe in us and the work the Holy Spirit can do as we're yielded to Him.

Keep speaking life.  As I've learned to speak life, I've seen increase in every area in which I've been intentional about my words.  It can feel silly if you're not accustomed to it, but speak life anyway.   Your words work even when it doesn't feel like it.  I'm a witness!

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