"I ain't never gonna change."

"I can't change."
"I'm never gonna change."
"Take me the way I am."

Was listening to some songs on the radio with my daughters yesterday. These are the anthems we're allowing to play in our ears!?!?

Guess what? Most people don't want to hear it but successful relationships OF ALL KINDS require constant change. Expecting people to accept all of you exactly the way you are is selfish and prideful.  I'll grant you this.  You should not change everything about yourself all the time.  You should formulate a core set of values that you will not compromise but be very willing to adjust your behavior as you move through life.

A core value is a fundamental belief. For example, your belief that children should be born inside of a marital union would be a core value. A behavior is how you act or conduct yourself. An example would be the side of the bed you sleep on. Would changing the side of the bed on which you sleep cause you to violate a core value? I hope not! Changing behaviors are simply adjustments we all make to make society work.

You know what they call people who won't change? Alone and miserable. There's a secret every successfully married couple knows that most single people don't know: each partner bends and adjusts A LOT to keep the home happy. "I won't change" is a sure-fire formula for broken relationships.

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In the mean time, learn to be humble and strong enough to change. There's nothing wrong with giving a little ground to get along better.  It doesn't make you any less of a person nor any weaker of a person.  God bless!

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