How am I doing? Honestly?

One of the things that amazes me the most is how people don't allow me to have moods, bad days or even be angry about anything. Nothing! I love social media and engaging people. I don't consider myself a very private person and don't mind sharing what's on my mind. What's funny, however, is how people react (over-react?) whenever I post a Status Update that says anything except "I'm happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!"

Come on, folks.

I'm kind of pissed about it really. If I say anything about having a hard day, being mad about something, being tired or stressed, people freak out. Some even say stuff like "You're better than that!" or something else that suggests that I'm not supposed to be human or a common man. Some people get mad at me. They tend to forget that 99% of the time I reveal something negative, I'm also saying I'm taking it to God in prayer. They say things like "How am I supposed to make it through the day when you aren't encouraging me?!"

People! Christ is there for you and He neither sleeps nor slumbers. I do. Mr. "Live BIG! Die Empty." needs some zzzz's right now.

This is part of the pressure that makes public figures feel like retreating into sex, drugs and deviant behavior. Don't worry. I'm not going that direction. But I see how some of these things happen. People feel pressure to be perfect and if/when they're not, people come down on them HARD!

This is the same stuff that hinders people from getting real deliverance from their problems. You ask someone how they're doing and - especially if they're a Christian - they're supposed to say "I'm blessed and highly favored of the Lord!!" all the time, every time, no exceptions! They are slow to say, "Hey, would you pray for me when you think of it. This is a tough season." You don't want to sound unspiritual. am I doing? I'm great. Not in a happy talk way. I'm doing fine. I'm tired, however. It's been a long week. I feel like I've been in a boxing match physically and emotionally. It's probably time for a vacation and certainly time for a breakthrough in some areas. I need to take some courageous chances. Look for that from me. I'll be sticking my neck out there even more over the next several weeks.

Pray for me. E-mail me your prayer request, too. I'd be glad to pray for you! I'm going to get a cup of coffee and dive into my e-mails now. Thanks for the therapy session. I'm done complaining. I'm blessed and highly favored!!


Now this is a great post! Transparent is good, we all should be able to be free in our expression; yet realizing that our strength and anchoring comes from Christ, staying connected in the word and in prayer. Had been encountering something similiar with some saying,"you are so strong and a woman of the word, Ms. spiritual" as if I don't bleed like them if I am; I may bounce back quicker because of my foundation and relationship with Christ yet I have moments! Wow, I am a woman and yes human, yet we can not be most effective when we are tired, emptied from giving and pouring into others on a regular basis, or at a crossroad! Most don't play fair and people have or encounter "other experiences, emotions or frustrations". Some think that being Christlike means your always "ON" if that were true we would not need "HIM".

Sometimes standing up for what's right or what's needed for ones self (both spiritually and in the natural) can be challenging and not recieved by some. Some people don't understand nor respect the need to express ones self, rest, vacation or just have some "me time" in order to refire, rekindle, refocus, regroup, refill and replenish!

I am so looking forward to my getaway, I need it! Blessings to you Mark.

You are so right! If we were always "ON!" we would not need Him at all. Great way of putting it!

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