Too Many *!@#$^& Friends!!!

Is it time to clean up your "Friends" list?

It was for me. I finally got to the point where Facebook was stopping me from "liking" any more pages, accepting any more friends. Basically, I was in social media jail! If you can't even join YOUR OWN new page, you've got too many connections! If were to Unlike my favorite page for any reason, I couldn't add it back. It was time for me to clean house. Maybe it is for you, too? Here's how I approached it!

The first thing I chose to do is eliminate business, ministry and "cause" pages so that I'm focused more on relating to actual people. You'll be surprised how many untended pages you might be connected to. Also, when you go through your list you'll see a lot of people have duplicate profiles. Housecleaning was much needed for me! I had sent Friend Requests to so many people with cute faces that I would never meet, wasn't interested in meeting and often didn't even speak English.

I went through a phase where I "friended" and accepted requests from almost ANYBODY. I guess I felt like I was getting my name out there. You may have done the same. The funny thing is this: my connections with real people have exploded over the last several days after doing a little bit of housecleaning. That means I was probably missing some real connections in the cluttler of my newsfeed and pages.

There are studies out there that say we can only truly manage 150 online relationships anyway. Therefore, the focus should be on building the best, most fruitful, most fulfilling 150 we can!! That's my new goal...wonderful relationships with more of the right people!



Someone immediately wrote me and said "Mark, I can't delete friends!"

I very much went through and deleted friends! Before I did this, I invited people to join me on my fan page so they wouldn't lose contact with me. This had the added benefit of allowing me to promote that page. I found that I never "lost" anything. I just got a more focused list of friends. You can do the same with your Groups.

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