"31 Days to Healthier Relationships"

Why a series on healthier relationships? 

“At the very core of our being, men & women are DIFFERENT!”

This is not necessarily a “bad” thing but it requires knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between the two genders.  And through this “bridge” we can become most effective as individuals and as couples.

I believe unhealthy relationships are robbing us of our purpose, prosperity and sense of fulfillment in the family of God.  Everyone needs to have three things working for them to live the kind of life the Lord has meant for them: (1) Knowledge of His word (2) Knowledge of their purpose in Him and (3) Knowledge of how to have and maintain healthy relationships with their fellow man, both male and female!

Through “Live BIG! Die Empty.” I help people to understand their purpose, live with passion and walk in prosperity. As a “teacher” I help people learn the Word of God through Bible studies and other outreaches. Through “Be Worth Finding” and “He Who Finds a Wife”, I focus on healthy relationships. 

I have stayed away from the "relationship" thing for the most part because I always thought there was too much room for humanistic opinion, bitterness and men using it as a platform to be opportunistic with women.  I wanted no part of any of that! But I saw a lot of people in unhealthy relationships losing ground in their lives, living in loneliness and isolation and generally not experiencing God's best.  I just reached a point where it rose up in me and I said, Enough!!

So, my partner in this quest, Melissa Rich and I are working together on this series.  For the month of December, we are setting out to focus on one key to healthier relationships per day.  Our goal is to help men and women enter into 2012 with more effective tools and understanding in how we relate to one another.  For the next 31 days beginning on December 1, we want to use our words to hold up a mirror.  Some of what you see will reflect nicely on you, however, some will sting a bit and leave you with a challenge to rise up and make some adjustments so that you can begin having more meaningful relationships. This will be fun!

How are we measuring success? We simply want to know that...
  • People are being helped.
  • That your lives are becoming more fruitful.
  • That hurts are being healed.

You can help us in three ways!
  • Pray for us.
  • Recommend our pages to your and women!
  • Stay connected to our blog daily, make notes and ask questions!
Now, get your notepad and questions ready.  We'll be posting to this blog and sharing everything at He Who Finds A Wifeand "Be Worth Finding” and you can send questions to or if you want to send your questions anonymously, use our Be Worth Finding Formspring account.

We are so glad you are joining us!

~Mark Anthony McCray and Melissa Rich~


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