How Deeply Did You Look? by Richard "Big Rich" Evans

I'm honored to have this submission from Guest Blogger, Richard "BigRich" Evans!! Here you go!!! This was originally posted on his blog here: BLOG POST!

I remember when my daughter was several years younger she would always mention to me that she felt that I was not dating the right type of woman for who she saw me as being. Her comment was that I tended to date big women when in her eyes I was much too attractive for that. I always told her that when I set out to find someone I never worried as much about how they were built as much as I was concerned about how they treated me and mine.

I have come to realize that America has tried to brainwash people into what mainstream society considers to be important. Never mind that not every woman has long legs, a short torso, is thin and has amazing curves and looks. Now I am certain that if given enough time and money, almost any woman could acquire some of those things, but that defies the laws the nature. We did not all come out of the womb perfect and to be honest, that was by design. If we lived in a land of utopia and every person was gorgeous, would that really improve the quality of life? Would poverty, hunger, racism and sexism end because everyone was pretty? I think not.

So for me, I was never the one to get caught up on her body type as long as she had curves. Was not one to get that deep into looks as long as she was not hideous. So in other words, an average woman by societies standards who happened to have great personality and ability was perfect for me.

Too often now, we want a woman/man to look and act a certain way and to have certain things. Oftentimes, we do not have the companion components to what we want. So if the person we are wanting has all the things we want but yet they do not see any of what they want in us, NOTHING is happening.

Now I am not saying that I want everyone to run out and search for average or to even be content with average. No, average works only with certain things and those that are average have to be above average in other areas. But if we ourselves are average and not above average in some areas, we need to do a self assessment.

Look beyond the body, the height and the face. Look towards the personality, the heart and the mind of others. After all, looks are what can get you shot dead in the streets, but your personality may just keep you alive.


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