My Motivation

Here's part of my own motivation. I talk a lot about what I believe to be God's calling and imprint on our lives...mine included. However, let me live up to what I tweeted recently and be even more honest and transparent. I want my children to know me as a man who always did the most he could with what he had. I don't want them to feel like I wasted opportunity or money or life. Further, I want them to see me as a living example - an epistle, if you will - to which they can aspire.

I chose an entrepreneurial path because I wanted them to see that as an option for their own lives. That motivated me to launch out when my oldest daughter was around four years old. I didn't want my daughters to have any recollection of their father doing anything except diligently maximizing his time and opportunities - for better or worse. That's pretty much the bottom line.

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. Much of it may not be for me! Still, I never wanted them to know me as a man who gave up or settled. No settling! Not ever! I have often felt like I've failed my girls as a man and father. Perhaps other parents have felt the same way? It probably comes with the territory. I don't know. What I do know is I want them to know me as a man who gave all he had - every day.

That's my motivation.


Smile of these girls make me more happy. How cute face theme have.

This is beautiful Mark! I love love love great father daughter relationships. They are tremendously blessed to have you a as father. And I'm sure they are wonderful daughters. God bless you guys and keep doing what you've been purposed to do.

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