How Your Disadvantage is Really Your Best Advantage

Three chapters into the book "David and Goliath" and author Malcolm Gladwell has quoted more scripture than most preachers!

Gladwell has declared himself an Atheist and all but I've shared with a few friends in my private circle that the "book" isn't closed on this guy yet. If you are a friend, I've told you that I think God is working on him. I believe this even more now.  If he continues to say he is an Atheist, I just won't believe him.

I hate to tell you preachers, but this man will help you preach your "five smooth stones" sermon much, much better! The whole book is about how what you thought was a DISADVANTAGE may be your biggest asset. Very intriguing so far. Oh... there is more "preaching" from another Bible story in it, too, but I will leave that for you to discover.

Predictably, some of his usual fans are criticizing him for this book. One even said that Gladwell has disabled a part of his brain with this book. Apparently, using an example from the Word to tie to modern encouragements is just too much for his normal crew. I get that.

Still. An outstanding read so far that I recommend to you.  You know from previous blogs that I dig this guy.  The point you should take away from this book is that you have tremendous tools already in your hand.  God has already equipped you well.  Use what you have.  Just start there and see what happens!

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