Do You Belong to NATO (No Action; Talk Only)?

Two of your greatest enemies are THOUGHTLESS ACTION and THOUGHTFUL INACTION. Both work to rob you of God's best and both must be eliminated from your life! To Live Big Die Empty, you must operate from a place of THOUGHTFUL ACTION everyday.

"Thoughtless action" means just living life moment to moment, reacting emotionally to things that happen around you and allowing other peoples' whims and desires to set your agenda. Most people live lives of thoughtless action from sunrise to sunset, day by day, for years. Some dwell in thoughtless action their entire lives.

"Thoughtful inaction" hinders a large portion of the rest of you. You think and think and think about great plans to change your life, your family's life and even the world. But you remain stuck in your thoughts - feeling good for having the heart to think of the good you'll do, but never taking a step towards doing it.

"Thoughtful action" is where you must live. You dream, plan and think, YES! But then you get up and take a step. You measure what went right, what you would improve upon and then you take another step. Then you think, measure and take another step. You take thoughtful action until it becomes a habit. Always assessing and always acting.

Thoughtless actions ruin lives. Thoughtful inaction kills dreams. It is thoughtful action that changes your world. But, remember... both are required! Thought without action is a waste of energy. It only frustrates you and those around you. Action without thought will cause more harm than it creates good.

Resolve today to be a thinker who doesn't get stuck in thought!

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